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Are You Manufacturing Urgently-needed Ventilators and Other Respiratory Equipment for Hospitals?

In these trying times, manufacturing companies are trying their best to contribute towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we have seen many companies turn towards manufacturing ventilators, respirators and other critical medical devices and equipment to satisfy the demand for such products. But there seems to be a roadblock in terms of sourcing components for the same.

We have a shared responsibility in catering to medical device manufacturers. Our dedicated and experienced sales professionals are doing their best to source the right components and streamline the supply chain.

Peltier Units/Modules

Peltier units and modules can be used when forced air cooling is not an option. These modules deliver superior cooling performance and a longer cycle life. With precise temperature control, these units are efficient and come at a lower total cost-of-ownership.
Applications: CUI’s peltier units can be used in high power medical applications where forced air cooling is not an option and active cooling is necessary.

The Race to Make Ventilators (and other medical devices)

Ventilators are the biggest supply & demand problem of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it is auto-companies or startup enthusiasts, everyone in the world is racing to make ventilators.

The following tabulates all the parts you need to build ventilators. Urgently contact us and get the listed brands designed-in!

Power Supplies for Ventilators

Power Supplies

Peltier modules for Ventilator Manufacturing

Thermo-electric (Peltier units)

Analog to Digital Converters for Ventilators

Analog to Digital Converter

Capacitors for Ventilator Manufacturing

Capacitors (ECAP & MLCCs)

Optocouplers for Ventilator Manufacturing


Regulators for Ventilator Manufacturing


MCUs for Ventilator Manufacturing


Pressure Sensors for Ventilator Manufacturing

Pressure sensors

Temperature Sensors for Ventilator Manufacturing

Temperature sensors

LCD Displays for Ventilator Manufacturing

LCD Display

Alarm LEDs for Ventilator Manufacturing

Alarm LED

Transistors for Ventilator Manufacturing


Opto Isolators for Ventilator Manufacturing


Relays for Ventilator Manufacturing


Other Important Sources:


  1. Supreme Components has provided a deck to aid in the design of ventilators and sourcing of different components related to it.
    Source: Click Here for Download Link
  2. NXP has provided information about the components required to design a ventilator.
    Source: Ventilator/respirator hardware and software design specification (
  3. Medtronic has released their design file that startups and other major companies can use to design the ventilator for free.
    Source: Click Here for Download Link