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    Manufacturing Locations

    Annual Revenue



    10 million USD

    Aimtec is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacturer of converters which are found to be useful in the LED industry. Their modular AC-DC and DC-DC switching power supplies are in high demand across the globe. With ISO9001:2015 certified quality process, their products cater to a global audience and also have UL, CB and CE certifications.

    Selling Points/Highlights

    • Has cold start up temperature of -55C drivers (AC/DC).
    • Has IP68 rating drivers (AMEPR30-AZ series).
    • Has IP67 /IP68 low power drivers (5-30W).

    Product Portfolio

    • DC-DC LED Converter up to 200W
    • AC- DC Converter from 1W ~ 40W
    • Switching regulators

    Product Images