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    LEDiL Oy

    Warwick University’s multistory car park powered using Philips’ Xitanium 75W LED drivers.

    Why Buy Ledil’s Optics:

    • Reputable: Ranked as the #1 LED optics manufacturer in the world.
    • Scalable: Supports 16 major LED manufacturers including Citizen, CREE, Nichia, Bridgelux, and OSRAM.
    • Diverse Offering: More than 2000 standard and 1800 custom solution sets.
    • Asymmetric Solutions: Boasts more asymmetric solution sets compared to all the other competitors combined.
    • Reliable: Very wide array of LED driver solutions ranging from 9W – 250W


    • Founded in 2002 by founders Hannu Hukkanen and Tomi Kuntzen
    • Headquartered in Salo, Finland
    • Production in Finland and China


    When to Use LEDiL

    • When your design requires a custom or asymmetrical lens or reflector.
    • When your design needs the “odd” lens/reflector (among 3800 solutions).
    • When your design needs optimization to use fewer LEDs for more light.
    • When brand name matters.

    What they sell

    • Oval, asymmetric, streetlight lens and reflectors
    • Single and multiple optical solutions