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Phoenix Contact

Watch how Phoenix Contact integrates their PTSM connectors for use in LED lighting.

Why Buy Phoenix Contact Connectors:

  • Reputation: Ranked #8 for their industrial connectors globally.
  • Reader’s Innovation Award: Ranked #2 for their LED “Connectors and Electromechanics” design.
  • Value-added Services: Majority of connectors are highly customizable to provide include features including color changes, printing, and screw types.
  • Reliable: All products are backed with a 5-year product warranty.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: All products are recyclable and contain no CO2 emission.


  • Phoenix Contact was founded in 1923 and headquartered in Blomberg, Germany.
  • Phoenix contact has more than 40 office worldwide, with major R&D facilities in China, India, Brazil, Poland, and the USA.


When to Use Phoenix Contact

  • When designing a flexible or rigid LED lighting strips.
  • If you’re designing an outdoor or industrial light source.
  • When you need to be careful about wires touching or possible loose connections from the LED driver to the fixture.

What they sell

  • PTSM Print Terminals
  • PTSM Plugs and Headers
  • PTF Series
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