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LED Solutions and Drivers from Inventronics Inc.

Inventronics Inc.



Manufacturing Locations

Annual Revenue


Marshall Miles

China, USA

136 million USD

Inventronics Limited is a manufacture and designer of custom enclosures. Since 1970, Inventronics has built a reputation as a high-quality, cost effective, long-term partner to many of the Telecommunications and Power Industries’ largest corporations, and to a growing number of Cable TV, Utility, Industrial OEM and Energy companies.


Selling Points/Highlights

  • Has the most certifications among the drivers.
  • Has 10 years warranty drivers.
  • Highest output voltage up to 545 VDC.
  • Better after sales support with local presence.
  • Longest lifetime hours of 100Khrs for a product with 5 years warranty.
  • Sino-American company.

Product Portfolio

  • Indoor drivers from 9W-42W
  • Outdoor drivers from 65W- 1200W
  • SPDs up to 20kA
  • Converters (e.g. CNV-ZIGB)

Product Images

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