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We exist because we are obsessed about adding value at the speed of thought.



Our clients – spanning globally – serve to deliver breakthroughs in electronics and

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We come from a diverse range of remarkable backgrounds and cultures to seamlessly connect global minds.

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Our reputable franchised network of suppliers drive cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions for tomorrows technology.

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How We Add Value

Listen to our President and CEO, Mr. Vick discuss how we uniquely add value at the speed of light through our following five key value factors:

We are quick and agile
With technology’s inherent change, growth and mature markets need liaisons (especially distributors) that are fast and responsive (almost at the speed of thought).

SCI is fast and turnaround time for quotation happens within 24 hours of the request. Our clients can almost feel the energy from speed of the transaction. We can do this because we are hungry to help and because we’re an SME and are not bounded by layers of organizational approvals to get the job done.

We provide value-added engineering services
Field Application Support: Given the complexity in the electronic technology portfolio, manufacturers need more than just part-number level transactions. They need distributors who can partner with them to find the right design solution with the R&D engineers for OEM/ODM. SCI’s in-house field application engineers partner with manufacturers to win the design while procuring the needed parts from our 40+ reputable brands.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Manufacturers need a distributor that can consistently provide product that exceeds the necessary and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. SCI has been ISO 9001:2008 approved for the past seven years. You’re in good hands.

We are Asia-Global liaisons

OEMs need a team who can speak well in English (not just say they do) and not worry about the language or cultural barriers that impedes effective communication.

We only sell reputable quality products

SCIs reputable franchised network of 40+ suppliers including Philips, Citizen Electronics, Rubycon, Kyocera, and Taiwan Semiconductor ooze luxury while positioning cost-effectiveness.

We stock mission-critical products

SCI’s virtual stock of more than 500,000 unique electronic components has made us the preferred choice as a distributor.

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What We Do

Supreme Components, fondly known as SCI, is a worldwide franchised distributor of hi-tech electronic components and LEDs.

For over 13 years, we’ve been partnering with progressive high-technology electronic and LED enterprises to help them design and procure the best components, enabling them to build world-class electronic and lighting equipment and luminaries respectively. We do this by connecting our premier franchised network of more than 40 manufacturers spanning over 15 countries.

In turn, our 1400+ customers serve to deliver breakthroughs in electronics and lighting, providing cutting-edge, cost-effective, world-class products to build a more productive, beautiful, collaborative, and safe environment.

We were accorded Premium status by DP Information Group based on our audited financial statements for the last fiscal year. It suggests our strong financial health with above average capability to meet payments. The DP2 rating is the 2nd highest rating possible and marks us to be an investment grade SME.

SCI accorded DP 2 Credit Rating
Premium Status – Investment Grade