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Our people come from a diverse range of remarkable educational and cultural backgrounds – all bound with the same passion to relentlessly solve challenges and uncover design and procure the best electronics and LED opportunities regardless of project complexity and size.

Who we are

We believe in adding value at the speed of thought, and we’re obsessed about it. We just so happen to be add value to electronic OEMs and LED luminaries manufacturers.

We are a trusted liaison to more than 1400 customers globally, connecting them with our reputable franchised network of more than 40 electronic components and LED manufacturers.

We value diversity, with our team speaking more than 12 different languages across major continents.

We challenge the status quo. We hire as many master’s degree holders as bachelor’s degree holders. The richness in our educational backgrounds allows us to ask the right questions and solve for the right problem.

We operate as one firm – all abound by the same passion to relentlessly battle through electronic design and sourcing challenges and uncover opportunities where they exist.

Our Leaders

Mr. Vick Aggarwala

President and CEO

Mr. Vick started his sales management career with Future Electronics in Montreal in 1986. Quickly rising the ranks, in 1992, he became the VP of International Sales for Asia Pacific. As VP for Future, he pioneered the firm shifting the firm’s strategic direction as a trading firm into a fully-fledged, locally franchised tier one distributor in Asia Pacific.

Mr. Vick left Future Electronics for a different in-kind opportunity as he directed Alcatel’s Microelectronics (AME) division as Vice President in Asia pacific from 2000-2002.

Mr. Vick then headed Nu Horizons (now part of Arrow Electronics) as President for Asia Pacific in Singapore with just three people and USD $2 million per annum. In pursuit of his dream to build a bigger brand for himself, Mr. Vick left Nu Horizons having employed more than 100 employees and generating more than USD$100 million.

In 2005, Mr. Vick joined SCI and as President and CEO, has been leading the firm to become a global franchised distributor in all the major continents.

Mr. Vick is a proud recipient of multiple awards from the Singapore government and is frequently called upon to provide speeches as a panellist. Additionally, he has been a business development judge by several governmental and community bodies. He is an Electronics Engineering degree holder by profession.

P.S.S Suppiah

Director – LED Division

Mr. Suppiah began his career in industrial engineering with Hitachi Semiconductors in 1991.

Rising the ranks, in 2000, Mr. Suppiah grew to become CTO for IntraMAS, where he played a critical role in the development of LEDs in the general lighting industry including ii-flux LED based traffic lights, obstruction lighting systems, and message boards for highways. Additionally, he has presented many research case papers in LED forums and symposiums discussing the adoptability of LED technology for commercial and residential applications.

Mr. Suppiah acquired high honours with a BSEE from National Institute of Technology, India.

Mr. Suppiah currently leads SCI’s LED sales and engineer team.