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    BJB Connectors

    Watch BJB’s new LED product lineup through this cool three and a half video clip.

    Why Buy BJB Connectors:

    • Reputation: A 140 year old long-standing company!
    • Scalable: Supports 10 major LED manufacturers including Bridgelux Inc, Citizen, Sharp, CREE, and OSRAM.
    • Push-Wire Contacts: Majority of the connector/holder products use push-wire connection technology, removing unnecessary soldering, reducing thermal stress, and toxic waste.
    • Zhaga Compliant: All products comply with the Zhaga standard, allowing for interchangeability among LED component manufacturers and “future-proofing” next-generation components.
    • Reliable: All products are backed with a 5-year product warranty (for active parts ≥ 50,000 hours).


    • BJB was founded by Friedrich Wilhelm Brokelmann, Franz Jager, and Gustav Busse in 1867.
    • BJB is headquartered in the town of Arnsberg in the Sauerland region of Germany.


    When to Use Phoenix Contact

    • If your design requires a retrofit from a conventional or LED light source.
    • If your design might need a replacement due to technological advancements, malfunctions, or functional requirement changes.
    • When soldering is not wanted or is not an option.
    • When a 140 year old brand matters.

    What they sell

    • Connectors for major COB LED modules
    • SMD terminal blocks
    • Lampholders for LED light sources
    • Lens holder accessories