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Terms and Conditions

  • All components sold by SCI are exported from the country of origin or from the manufacturers country as indicated by the manufacturers are in accordance with the export administration regulations of the respective countries. Re export or diversion contrary to the export regualations of the respective countries are prohibitied.
  • All commodities, technology and software sold by SCI are subject to Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and cannot be exported without proper license per EAR.


Supplier Terms and Conditions Regarding the Control of Goods

  • Our order number must be displayed on all paper work sent by Customers and Suppliers.
  • All products must be new, unused and original.
  • Date code should not be older than 18 months.
  • SCI shall be provisioned with any information pertaining to the transaction from anyone in the supply chain who has access to applicable records.
  • All paperwork concerning order has to be stored for 5 years, if the paperwork is needed for traceability reasons, the Supplier shall ensure SCI will receive a copy.
  • Should there be any export restrictions to any specific country for any product or application, the Supplier shall be responsible to inform SCI.
  • If any export approvals have to be taken, the Supplier must inform SCI before accepting the PO.
  • With reasonable measure, if Supreme Components deems that the incoming products have been sought counterfeit, then Supreme Components has the rights to destroy all product in Singapore. 

    Supreme Components shall notify about the counterfeit and relative actions taken to the supplier. The supplier is liable to fully debit the cost of the purchase value of the associated products. Moreover, in addition, the supplier agrees to pay for the the cost of destruction of the goods. Supreme Components shall report the incident to the relevant authorities, associations, and agencies.