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Frigo Dynamics

FrigoDynamics’ passive thermal discharge solutions used in a high bay at a terminal in Europe.

Why Buy Frigo Dynamics thermal discharge solutions:

  • Pioneer: Pioneered lightweight innovative coolers for High Bay LED lighting systems starting at just 220 grams.
  • 0 Power Consumption: All solutions are revolutionized to consume zero energy.
  • The Passive Cooling Revolution: All thermal solutions use passive cooling techniques using thermal discharging.
  • Scalable: Supports major LED manufacturers including Citizen, Bridgelux Inc, GE Lighting, Optogan, and OSRAM.
  • Eco-Partners: A trusted thermal solutions partner with Citizen and eco-partner with Bridgelux.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: All products are recyclable and contain no CO2 emission.


  • FrigoDynamics formed by Hans Kunstwadl
  • FrigoDynamics headquartered in Munich, Germany
  • Locations in China, Germany, UK, and Spain


When to Use Gaggione

  • If your luminaire draws 80+ watts or outputs more than 6,000 lumens.
  • If an extruded or cast AL heat sink does not meet the thermal requirement, or is too big and/or too heavy and you want to avoid active means or active means are not permitted or desired, FrigoDynamics® is here to help.

What they sell

  • Passive hybrid heat exchangers
  • Thermal design services
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