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    Citizen Electronics

    Citizen LEDs in 150+ Walmart China stores

    Why Buy Citizen’s LEDs:

    • Pioneer: Is the 1st Chip-On-Board (COB) manufacturer in the world.
    • Brightest: Developed the brightest COB (23,549 lumens) in the world.
    • Smallest: Built the tiniest SMD package in the world (0.8mmx2.0mmx 0.75mm).
    • Flexible: All COB products are “future-proofed” (i.e. chip size doesn’t change as technology improves).
    • Binning-Free: No LED binning required due to the use of MacAdam 3-step.
    • Diverse: Very wide array of COBs and SMDs ranging from .15W – 193.2W.


    • Subsidiary of Citizen Electronics (famous watch maker)
    • Founded CITILED (LED division) in 1983
    • Headquartered in Yanamashi, Japan


    When to Use Citizen

    • When your LED light project design requires a LED with a very high lumen output.
    • When the application you are designing requires a very color quality output (i.e. CRI > 90)
    • When you need at least 85% of the initial lumen output after 500,000 hours.
    • When designing for hospitals/medical task lightings

    What they sell

    • Chip On Boards (COBs) high-wattage series ranging from 2.7W – 193.2W
    • COBs low-wattage series ranging from .15W – 2.3W
    • 3W and 6W linear COBs
    • COBs with 65 – 97 CRI

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