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    Inventronics Incorporated

    Chongqing Grand Theater powered using 13,000+ Inventronics LED drivers.

    Why Buy Inventronics Drivers:

    • Reputable: Ranked as the #3 driver manufacturer in the world.
    • Very Fast-Growing: Company ranks as the second fastest growing manufacturer across all growth markets in the Asia-PAC region.
    • Reliable: All products are backed with a 5-year product warranty.
    • Feature-rich: Almost all products are highly lighting Technology Independent (e.g. 0-10V, DALI, TE).
    • Diverse: Keep more than 900 products.


    • Founded in 2007 by Dr. Gary Hua
    • Headquartered in Hangzhou, China


    When to Use Inventronics

    • When your design needs the “odd” driver (among 900 drivers).
    • When your design needs to be feature-rich (e.g. dimming, adjustable output current, energy savings)
    • When you need a driver company that provides China-local support.
    • When brand name matters.

    What they sell

    • Indoor and outdoor LED drivers
    • Intelligent controllers (signal converters and timers)