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VPG Foil Resistors Partners with Supreme Components International to be their Franchised Distributor

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Supreme Components International (SCI), your fast and trusted franchised distributor of electronic components, has now partnered with VPG Foil Resistors – the world’s leading manufacturer of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors. With a strong presence in 4 different continents, Supreme Components is well-situated to help customers in designing state-of-the-art products through our high-end engineering and sourcing services.


VPG Foil Resistors, comprised of world-class brands VFR, Apha Electronics, Powertron and APR, provides the widest selection of highly precise, stable and reliable Bulk Metal® Foil resistors from customized made-to-order to standardized made-to-stock, that meet any required qualifications. VPG Foil Resistors’ product offering encompasses a wide variety of configurations and packages designed to surpass the requirements of even the most demanding applications.


VPG Foil Resistors’ trademark Bulk Metal® Foil high precision resistors are high on precision, providing excellent performance and reliability. The usage of specially formulated foil and adhesives ensure the lowest available TCR, outperforming all other resistor technologies available today. Thanks to the signal integrity and price competitiveness, these resistors are used in a wide range of applications such as Aerospace, Audio, ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), Automotive, Avionics, Energy, Industrial, Metrology, Medical, Military, Precision Instrumentation and Telecom.


“We are very pleased to be working with Supreme Components International, an established distributor with an impressive customer base and a strong understanding of technology and of their customers’ needs. We hope that VPG Foil Resistors will become their customers’ manufacturer-of-choice for high-end resistors, be it standard or customized. commented Mr. Yaron Kadim, Vice President, Division Head, VPG Foil Resistors.


Mr. Vick Aggarwala, President & CEO of Supreme Components International, shared his thoughts as well, “I am elated that Supreme Components is now a representative of VPG Foil Resistors and we are excited to take this novel technology to the world. Enabling our 4500+ global customers (OEMs and CEMs) on their innovation journey is something that we really pride ourselves on and partnering with VPG Foil Resistors only enhances our position in the supply chain further.”

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