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Susumu Signs up with Supreme Components International as its Franchised Distributor


Your trusted global franchised distributor – Supreme Components International has now signed up with Susumu – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thin film components.

Susumu, the largest thin-film resistor OEM in the world, has been a global leader for thin film components for nearly 6 decades, serving telecommunication & networking, computers & storage devices, power supply equipment, test & measuring equipment, medical equipment, as well as automotive and consumer electronics.

Their products include – Thin film surface mount chip resistors (precision, ultra-precision, ultra-stable, audio, non-magnetic, anti-surge, high power, high temperature, trimmable), metal thin film chip resistor networks, high temperature chip resistor networks, radial leaded precision resistors, current sensing low ohm chip resistors, high current jumpers, power choke coils (shielded, semi-shielded), high frequency surface mount components (terminations, attenuators, thermo-variable, splitters, high power).

Susumu is headquartered in Japan and has sales offices in the United States, China, South Korea, Germany and Singapore.
“We are pleased to announce that Supreme Components International is now franchised for all Susumu products in the market. SCI’s diverse sales network across different countries can help Susumu’s technology reach manufacturers who need high-quality thin film components”, commented Mr. Akihiro Shibata, Sales Director from Susumu.

Mr. Vick Aggarwala, President & CEO stated, “It gives me great pleasure to kickstart this partnership which has great potential across the region. Susumu as a strong and reliable partner for thin film resistors can be extremely useful for our 3500+ strong global customer base.”


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