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    Citizen Electronics (CE) is expanding its distribution network in India, by appointing Supreme Components International (SCI) to spear head the marketing and promotional activity in the region

    Joint press release of Supreme Components, Singapore (SCI) and CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

    SCI is the present distributor for South East Asia covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. “Supreme Lighting solutions” program provides complete technical solution to companies that are interested to bring new LED based products to the market place at a much shorter time. SCI has a special team to handle all the technical issues relating to Super bright LED’s.

    Citizen electronics of Japan, has been manufacturing LED’s since 1982 is leading the super bright LED technology with the brightest and most efficient LED in the industry with its CL-L233-C13N that gives a brightness of 1335 Lumens with an input power of 13.3w.

    Mr. Vick Aggarwala, president of SCI noted that India is a fast growing market with a very high demand for energy efficient products. The prevailing power generation problems and the need to light up many remote locations have added to the speed of LED adoption nationwide. SCI has planned for its India office by 2010 in Bangalore. Most LED products imported into India have many problems as they are not well suited to accommodate the local Indian conditions that have resulted in many painful lessons being learnt by the customers.

    “Citizen is happy with the marketing and promotion activity that has been carried out by SCI in the South East Asia region and we are pleased to include SCI in the region of India.” mentioned Marketing Manager of Citizen Electronics Mr. Irving Wong.

    SCI has developed many reference designs for the super bright LED application including High bay light, Flood light, Down light and retrofit for many standard luminaries that use incandescent bulb and CFL bulbs. Products using CITIZEN LED’s will have much lower cost of ownership to the end customers because they need very small light fittings and simplified process to manufacture.


    Citizen Electronics Co. Ltd Editorial contact
    Mr. Irving Wong
    Phone : +65 6334 9326

    SCI Editorial contact
    Phone : +65 6848 1178