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    Rubycon Appoints SCI, Singapore as their Authorized Distributor

    Joint press release of Supreme Components, Singapore and Rubycon Corporation, Japan.

    Rubycon Singapore Pte. Ltd. , a subsidiary of Rubycon Corporation of Japan, appoints Supreme Components International (SCI) as their official distributor for their complete range of products for South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.

    SCI, Singapore headed by Mr. Vick Aggarwala has been in high technology electronics components and LED lighting business for the past 10 years. SCI has been recently awarded the prestigious SME 500 by the government of Singapore which represents 2% of the top performing companies in the country.

    “Rubycon is pleased to appoint SCI, Singapore as their authorized distributor for their entire product range. With their extensive customer base, experience and product knowledge SCI has the best resources to significantly increase the market share in South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand.” said Mr. Norio Kasuga, Managing Director, of Rubycon Singapore.

    Rubycon is a world’s leading manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors since 1952. Rubycon has been innovating and developing many new technologies in the areas of High temperature capacitor, Low impedance capacitor, Polymer conductive capacitor and Electrolytic double layer capacitor (EDLC). EDLC is capable of storing electrical energy in high temperature condition and have long life time. It will last for longer charging cycles than batteries to cater for energy efficiency market . Rubycon has also developed new capacitor , “PMLCAP” (Polymer Multi layer capacitor) , which can cover some range of MLCC with improved noise performance that are ideally suitable for Class D amplifiers.

    SCI provides technical support and excellent business service to help customers design the end products. LED drivers is one of their special areas for development focus. SCI is presently head quartered in Singapore and will open their India Office in this year.

    “RUBYCON has always focused on delivering quality products and very well known in the market. We are very proud to have been appointed their authorized distributor for South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand” said the President of SCI Mr. Vick Aggarwala who is a veteran in the electronics business for more than 35 years.


    About Rubycon

    Rubycon Corporation, Japan founded in 1952 has 10 production facilities in Japan and one facility in Indonesia. It is one of the pioneers in the electronics components industry from Japan. Rubycon holds a significant world market share in the capacitor market.

    Rubycon is headed by Mr. Teruo Tonouchi, Chairman and C.E.O who places technological innovation as the key success factor of the company to grow further in the years to come.


    Rubycon Singapore Pte. Ltd. Editorial contact
    Mr. Dickson Goh
    Phone : +65 6890 8503

    SCI Editorial contact
    Phone : +65 6848 1178