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OPTILED and Supreme Components International (SCI) conduct a LED technology seminar in Singapore

Joint press release of Supreme Components, Singapore and OPTILED, Hong Kong

OPTILED, Hong Kong based leading designer and manufacturer of LED lights & fixtures and SCI the exclusive distributor of OPTILED products in South East Asia had jointly organized the technical seminar titled “LED Lighting – Ultimate energy saving and ECO Friendly solutions” at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. A day event was attended by more than 90 Chief engineers, Architects, Lighting designers, Lighting installers and building contractors. Distributors from other countries in the region had also attended this seminar. This event was targeted at providing information on available LED technology and its adaptation for practical applications.

“LED has been around for more than 40 years but now due to the intense research and design activities the brightness have increased to levels that are suitable for general lighting applications. The cost of LED products have reduced tremendously and has become affordable for industrial and house hold applications. The return on investment can be as low as 6 months to 2 years. This is driving the adoption of LED technology worldwide.” said the General Manager of OPTILED Mr. Anthony Wong.

LED also generates much lesser heat which doubles up in energy saving by reducing the air conditioning cost. Air conditioning system consumes 80% of the electricity used in an office building. LED technology also has other benefits like no UV, No mercury, Long service lifetime of up to 35,000 hours and High color rendering index.

Increasing fuel costs and the damage caused to the ecology due to power generation are driving the government and the consumers to look for alternative sources of energy, but why should we produce more energy? We should cut down the energy consumption. For example LED lamps can produce the same amount of light with 80% less energy than conventional incandescent lamps or 35% lesser energy compared to fluorescent lamps” said the President of SCI Mr. Vick Aggarwala who is a veteran in the electronics business for more than 33 years.

SCI is a leading distributor of Hi-Tech electronic components and LED Lights for the past 8 years and has an exclusive LED lighting show room in their corporate head office in Singapore. SCI is promoting OPTILED lamps in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines through its regional distribution network and conduct similar informative seminars to improve the market acceptance and educate the users on the benefits of LED’s.


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