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Citizen and SCI will be showcasing their latest LED products at LEDTEC Asia 2012, in Singapore

Joint press release of Supreme Components, Singapore (SCI) and CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

Citizen Electronics Co. Ltd. (Head office in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan) and its franchised distributor for South East Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand – Supreme Components (SCI, Headquartered in Singapore) will be show casing the world’s brightest LED with a luminous flux of 17,675 *1. With this release CITIZEN now have products that range from 0.06w to 200w (maximum) in a single package.

Citizen has been developing LED’s based on COB (Chip on board) technology for the past 7 years. Using collective substrate fabrication technique, upto 450 dies are mounted on board to form a single high power LED with Zhaga Compliance for ‘Luminance rotational symmetry ‘ and ‘Luminance center balance’.

‘Customers can now replace up to 300w Mercury lamp with a single CITIZEN LED.’ said Mr. Edmond Wong, General Manager of Citizen Hong Kong who is visiting the LEDTEC ASIA 2012.

SCI is launching their new website dedicated to their LED lighting business –, during LEDTEC ASIA 2012. SCI is a franchised distributor for CITIZEN LED, LEDIL Optics, ‘LEDnLIGHT’ by Gaggione and HEC LED drivers. It also supports many accessories like Inventronics – LED Driver, Frigo Dynamics – 2 phrase heat exchange heat sinks and Liquid forged heat sink from A*star, in order to help its customers to complete the design of HIGH POWER LED products. “This newly launched website will serve as a fast reference resource to all LED users” noted the president of SCI Mr. Vick Aggarwala who is a veteran in the component distribution industry for over 37 years.

CITIZEN is also showcasing a range of low power LEDs for the first time in South East Asia. These products are targeted mainly for the Fluorescent replacement, down light and bulb replacement markets which is growing very fast across the region.

Mr. Edmond Wong, GM of CITIZEN, Hong Kong, will be giving a presentation titled “Development & advantages of COB LED technology” and Mr. P.S.S. Suppiah, GM Techno Commercial of SCI will give a presentation titled “Light Engine design solutions for LED High Bay and other high power lighting applications over 100W.

Note: * CITIZEN LED at 5000k, 65 cri


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Phone : +852-2793-0613

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