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Citizen Electronics appoints Supreme Components International (SCI) as their official distributor for High Brightness LED for ASEAN market

Citizen Electronics appoints Supreme Components International (SCI) as their official distributor for High Brightness LED for ASEAN market

Joint press release of Supreme Components, Singapore and CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

Citizen electronics of Japan has been producing LED’s since 1983 and is a major player for mobile phone LED in the world with significant market share. Citizen LED’s have high reliability and high CRI. SCI, Singapore headed by Mr. Vick Aggarwala has been in high technology electronics components and LED lighting business for the past 9 years. SCI has been recently awarded the prestigious SME 500, which represents 2% of the top performing companies in Singapore.

“Citizen Electronics is pleased to appoint SCI, Singapore as their official distributor for High brightness LED’s. With the extensive customer base and LED product knowledge SCI has the best resources to significantly increase LED market share in the Asean region” said the General Manager of Citizen Electronics, Mr. Takashi Niiyama.

Citizen Electronics has made major innovations in the High brightness white LED lights by introducing single LED. For example, one of their LED (CL-L230-C13N) can provide 1250 lumen(typ) of light that is equivalent to the brightness of a 36w compact fluorescent lamp with only about one third of the electric power consumed. Citizen uses its original multi chip technology for producing single LED’s with high performance and reliability. In addition to other benefits Citizen LED’S will also significantly reduce the overall manufacturing cost by reducing the component count on each light device. One of their LEDs have also been tested at Junction Temperature =120 deg C for 20,000 hours and have brightness of above 93.7%.

“With increasing environmental concerns and costs the world is set to embrace the LED technology for all the lighting requirements. We are very excited to be in partnership with Citizen to spear head the LED based product development in the ASEAN region. We will provide all technical support necessary for developing the long life LED lighting products” said the President of SCI Mr. Vick Aggarwala who is a veteran in the electronics business for more than 33 years.

In conjunction with development of LED business SCI has also established technical and business co operation with leading Optical, Heat sink and LED driver companies in order to provide a complete technology solution. SCI also has a state of the art LED show room in Singapore that demonstrates major LED Lighting applications.


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